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Children Mouger shoes since 1900

For more than a century, the Mugger Company has been active in the field of children's and adolescent footwear.

The history of children's footwear in Greece is inextricably linked to the name Muger.
From the beginning of 1900 until today, the company with a strong sense of responsibility dedicated its efforts exclusively to the child by designing a full range of high quality shoes for every age and use.
The most authentic materials, the highest standards of construction and application, the latest developments in fashion in forms, designs and colors, are our daily commitment and the cornerstone of our philosophy.
A children's shoe is the means that will help the child to take his first steps in the world. It is the tool that will help him learn to explore, to discover. Most of all, however, it is the vehicle for its proper development, balance and support of the body, that is, it is the basis of his health.
From the beginning, we focused all our attention on the child's first steps. The shoes are made only from genuine genuine leather, the overalls are chosen with special care, the soles as well, so that a child can take his first steps with the greatest possible safety. The same standards are followed for older ages.
Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality children's shoes, faithfully adhering to strict quality and construction standards with the aim of the proper development and health of children.
The name Mouyer enjoys 95% of the readership and is unquestionably considered the most prestigious name in the market. Consumers recognize Mouyer stores as the most reliable source of market for their children's shoes, with the most specialized knowledge in their field and the highest level of service.
The company continues its dynamic expansion in all new markets that are opening up, it has drawn up new strategies and made a series of important changes and moves, while launching a new store model, proceeding to radically change the image of stores, creating a new model, ideal to serve parents and children. The aim of these moves is to keep the company at the highest level of the market, to increase the range of products, to improve the competitiveness of the stores but also to modernize it in general.
Part of the Group's new strategy is based on cooperation with the biggest names in the global market. The range of Mugger products was enriched with strong fashion brands that have the same quality and specifications that the Group has been following for more than a century.
In today Mouyer stores have a complete collection of shoes for every use, enabling parents and children to purchase shoes for any occasion. Having, first of all, the greatest specialization in Greece in the first steps of the child, we completely cover the needs of the first steps. Then our collection consists of shoes for everyday use, for school, sports, sports, reaching up to special shoes for the rain or the sea. We cover all the needs of a good and formal shoe, christening and other occasions, but we even take care of walking inside the house, with exclusive products that have the same specifications as the shoes.

Some of the brand names available in Mouyer stores today alongside Mouyer products are: M Shoes By Mouyer, GeoxAdidasNikeCamperReplay, Timberland, levi΄s, Converse, Havaianas, Ipanema, Ugg etc.

Η Μούγερ λειτουργεί ανελλιπώς από το 1900 και διαθέτει καταστήματα στα κεντρικότερα σημεία της Αθήνας.Το δίκτυο ΜΟΥΓΕΡ αποτελείται από 6 σημεία πώλησης.

It is worth noting the remarkable course of our online store in a highly renewed page, which offers to customers who visit it all the electronic services that the e-commerce space has to show.

Its goal is to continue its dynamic expansion in new markets and new shopping centers that are being created throughout Greece, as well as to expand in the market of Cyprus and the Balkans.



In order for the shoes you bought to be properly maintained, they need care and treatment. Children often "abuse" their shoes and this is normal. ‘A child will run, play on the ground, climb, many more times use the shoe itself as a toy, inadvertently causing damage and problems.
Before our tips for the proper care of your shoes, read some useful information about the raw materials that make it up:
raw materials
The upper part (back leather), the middle part (lining) and the lower part (the sole - heel) are schematically the parts of a shoe. In all Muger shoes except special categories (such as beach plastics, wellies) all three parts are genuine natural leather.

The material of the upper of the shoe can be made of natural leather, fabric or synthetic leather.
natural leathers
Like any natural product, the skin that once dressed an animal has indelible marks of its passage through life: folds, wrinkles, fibers, nerves, abrasions, bites, scratches, stains, scars, etc.

All of this is imprinted on the leather of your shoe and this is proof that it is genuine natural leather

Like any natural product, the skin in its treated form is still a "living" product that breathes, wets, dries, absorbs, eliminates, wrinkles, straightens. This is why many times unpolished colored shoes or shoes with colored leather lining can be used as a natural reaction to the sweat of the human foot, to wash off during the dress.


The fabric, the material with which the clothes are mainly made, is usually used for summer shoes and some sportswear. Less durable than leather, the fabric is easily damaged by bumps and scaling, and is very sensitive to sweat. Its great advantage is that it breathes and is washed with soap and water (as long as the sole is not made of leather).

Synthetic leather - plastic

Synthetic leather, plastic, and rubber are used to make "special" shoes. Wellies, ski boots, sportswear, etc. (which are in constant contact with water) are made of these materials. Stylish and mostly unhealthy (due to the fact that they do not breathe) are recommended only for limited use.

The same applies to the lining or the soles of the shoe. In contrast to the epidermis which is made from the skin of large animals (calves, etc.) the linings are made of the skins of small animals (goats, sheep, pork).
Natural leather is also used for lining Mouyer shoes. Synthetic or plastic linings cause sweating on the feet and usually give off an unpleasant odor.
The leather sole is an expensive traditional material made from the skins of large animals (cows, buffaloes, etc.) that has been specially treated. It is a material that breathes, supports the foot properly, but absorbs water and slips.

Now the materials that are used most are …………… ..Crepe, rubber and various synthetic materials, because they do not absorb water and moisture, are used in winter everyday shoes.

Care tips
• Daily cleaning and polishing (varnish)

Leather shoes:

Clean your shoes daily with a soft cloth and use varnish often. Cleaning and using the right polish is a prerequisite for the longevity of the skin. Good polishing cleanses the skin, removes dust from the pores, allows it to breathe, nourishes the skin and makes it softer. The "dry" skin pops, peels, and at some point breaks.

Suede Leather:

Clean your shoes using the special brush to remove dust. Use special sprays to protect them from moisture and dust. In case of stains you can dissolve a little liquid soap in water and with a soft and clean cloth to clean the stains.

Ask our store staff to suggest the right product for the leather type of shoes you bought. All MOUGER stores have all the necessary products you will need.

• Never wash leather shoes! Never put them in the washing machine

• You should often let your shoes "rest"! Like clothes, your shoes want to "rest". Do not always wear the same pair of shoes to children.

• In case of sweating, allow the shoes to dry before putting them on again. Allow the skin to sweat effortlessly. When the shoes are wet (from sweat, water) put paper inside to mold, and let them dry at room temperature and not near heat sources! Excessive heat (radiator - stove - fireplace - oven) does harm and can damage shoes and their color.

• If the shoes get wet, first let them dry away from heat and then clean them according to their skin type.

• Acids, lime, gasoline, car lubricants and seawater are causes of irreparable damage to your shoe, since each of them in its own way affects all parts of the shoe (skin, sole, lining, insole, threads, decorations, etc.). Take special care that your shoes do not come into contact with the above items.

We neglect them, we abuse them, we despise them. And let them support us for a lifetime. Just consider that from the day we start using them to our last step we travel an average of 75,000 kilometers even if we lead a sedentary life (1 kilometer = 1,666 steps or

The baby's foot is fragile and unstable. The round and plump mass covers and protects a complex structure of cartilage and muscles that are in a constant regeneration and reshaping.

At birth the foot is a mosaic of cartilage. Only about 25% of these cartilages are ossified, while only in the 3rd year of life the first bases of the phalanges appear and many cartilages still revolve around the ossification points. Growth is a relationship of forces between hard and soft… .. between cartilage that has been ossified and those that have not yet been ossified.

In the 5th year the development of the foot continues both in length and width with changes in the proportions and orientation of the joint surfaces.

In the 7th year the ossification continues extending from the center to the periphery while in the 10th year 80% of the foot development has been completed.

Thus the plump baby foot develops into a complex mechanism consisting of 26 bones connected to each other by 30 joints and 50 ligaments. 300 nerve endings from the whole body end up in the sole, and it runs through 500 blood vessels that make it a second heart.

The bones branch out and form the arch of the foot and the vaulted arrangement allows the foot to carry the weight of the whole body and therefore allows the person to stand upright.
The foot rests on the ground at 3 points 1) in the heel, 2) at the first metatarsal head to the inside, 3) at the fifth metatarsal head to the outside, so that any imbalance of the body is reduced vertically directly to these three points.

If the foot has a problem it is reflected in the knees, hips and spine. The displacement of the vertebrae from their natural position affects the nerves that pass through these points and can cause sciatica, back pain, or even arthritis, back pain, and even intestinal problems or even headaches.

MOUYER has always tried to help the baby in its first steps, which is uncertain and difficult. For 118 years, it has been helping babies gain balance and security to start exploring the world properly, with comfort and confidence, and above all to protect it from the health problems of the body that a bad children's shoe can cause.

Very few children are born with lower extremity abnormalities. However, only 40% of adults have healthy feet, which is mainly due to the use of inappropriate shoes during childhood.

1. Michel Bernard: Orthopedist of the French Sports Federation
2. Louis Olivier: French Orthopedist


Good fit is the key to choosing a children's - and not only - shoe.

When buying a new pair make sure the child's foot is properly measured. Either we measure it with the special measuring mechanism or we feel the foot, inside the shoe by hand. In both cases the child must be upright, so as not to lift the fingers, and press with all his weight.

In length there should be a margin of 1 to 1.1 / 2 cm in front of the big toe to allow growth. I note that in the first 3 years, the child's foot grows from 2 to 4 sizes

The shoe should not be longer in length.

If the foot slips into the shoe or stumbles, check that the shoe is large.

In the width, you feel the child's foot. It should apply, without narrowing. Do not leave much room but not to be suffocatingly applied.

The small shoe prevents its growth both in length and width, with a very bad effect on the formation of cartilage, bones, nerves and blood vessels.

The bigger one does not allow proper support and balance

The big shoe with the use turns like a tsarouchi with the result that it creases the skin and hurts the feet.

Do not buy bigger children's shoes on the condition that the child will grow up and they will not do it soon.

Do not give the shoes to another child, regardless of whether they do. Each child has his own peculiarity and shapes the shoe.

Shoes should shape the foot and not the other way, says Genevieve Nore, Vice President of the French Federation of Orthopedics.

Their construction materials are also important, especially in children's shoes.

The human foot in "normal work" produces 40 grams of sweat per day. (That is why it is recommended to change socks and soap or, if possible, twice a day).

Thus in the children's shoe a big role in the proper development of the child's foot, play the "genuine" raw materials that "breathe" and thus the sweat is eliminated which affects, (with the creation of fungi), the health of the foot .

So genuine leather and genuine leather lining are essential materials in the manufacture of children's shoes.

It would be good to examine the "authenticity" of the sock materials. Quality tips where 70% or 80% is cotton or wool are acceptable for good foot breathing.

For many years, the MOUYER Company has been donating children's shoes to institutions with the belief that each of us can put "his little stone" to give joy and relief to our fellow human beings in need, hoping that one day life will be better. for all of us.

Every year our offer becomes even bigger because the needs become even bigger.

So we donated:

  • 155 pairs of shoes to the flood victims of Mandra
  • 149 pairs of shoes at the Foundation THE MESSENGER OF THE MESSAGE FOR THE DISABLED
  • 100 pairs of shoes CARE FOR THE DISABLED "GALENE"
  • 95 pairs of shoes MOTHER FOUNDATION
  • 70 pairs of shoes THE CHILD'S FRIENDS
  • 333 pairs of shoes PEACE FOR THE DISABLED
  • 24 pairs of shoes HATZIKYRIAKIO FOUNDATION
  • 200 pairs of shoes CHILDREN'S SMILE

TOTAL 1237 pairs

Christmas 2018


  • 50 pairs of shoes SAINT BARBARA SOCIAL GROCERY
  • 54 pairs of shoes THE CHILD'S FRIENDS

TOTAL 342 pairs and 115 other gifts

The distinction Best Brand in Fashion/Kids the Mouyer won , for 119 years of continuous presence in the field of child and adolescent shoe.

"This award is for us a recognition of the efforts we make uninterruptedly for the production and sale of modern and quality shoes at affordable prices, but also the parallel creation of a high image of our retail outlets, as well as for our online presence through our website."

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