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How to choose the right shoes for the child

Buying children's shoes is much more demanding than we think. In addition to the fact that the child must like to wear them without giving a "battle" every time, they must also fit properly on his foot. Because there are so many choices, we need to have some guidelines in mind before making the final decision. One more reason, now that Easter is approaching and the search for children's shoes by parents and godparents has already begun.

Shoes for kids who do not walk

 Babies do not need shoes yet but socks that will keep their feet warm. Alternatively they can wear special shoes that are for pre-walking, which must be flexible and soft to get the shape of the foot. Another criterion that we must keep in mind before buying them is that because a baby's bones are soft, he does not understand if the shoe is bothering him, so he does not complain. Seek the advice of an experienced salesperson before you go into the process of buying something that may not suit you.

Shoes for toddlers and school children

The important thing at these ages is that the shoes allow the foot to "breathe" so it should to avoid synthetic materials. Because infants are hyperactive and run a lot, it would be good to pay special attention to the sole - that is, to be smooth, so that there is less friction with the foot - so that they do not slip. It is also better to prefer flat shoes , and not with a heel because children find it difficult to walk and get tired of the foot more easily.

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